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Due to close relationships with our main suppliers, high-quality products, organized and professional service, and hand in hand relationship with our customers, we are able to offer and provide the best Icelandic seafood.

We believe that our hand in hand relationship is the key point, both for our producers and customers, to make relationships strong, and communications good and effective for the years to come.

Every day is a new beginning for us to make sure that our clients get the highest quality and service we can provide every day all year round.

Icelandic Fish Partners

High Quality Service

More than 20 years of experience in fishing, producing, and selling fresh seafood from Iceland.

Kristinn's experience will leave you in good hands with securing the best available seafood.

Kristinn Arnar Gunnarsson

Co-Founder & Sales Manager

Tel: + 354 897 8035


Turning a Vision into Reality

More than 20 years of experience in selling
highend seafood internationally. ​

Christian van Belzen


Tel: + 49 2154 95 37 60


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