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Icelandic Fish Partners supplies you with various types of high-quality Icelandic fish, which have been caught off the coast of Iceland or raised in Icelandic fish farms.


The fish are processed by selected fish processing companies immediately after they are caught.


We focus on selling fish that is caught fresh every day from special fishing boats with long lines. We offer a great selection of high-quality fish from the Icelandic coast directly to you from our close production partners. 


Due to our strong relationships, we are able to service our clients and partners hand in hand every day with a high-quality fish products.

Contact us for more information  so we can tell you all about our fish, size of products, productions, packing and transport direct to you.


Icelandic Fish Partners

Atlantic Cod

Also know as:

  • Latin: Gadus Morhua

  • French: Cabillaud

  • German: Kabeljau

  • Icelandic: Þorskur

Icelandic Fish Partners


Also know as:

  • Latin: Melanogrammus aeglefinus

  • French: Églefin

  • German: Schellfisch

  • Icelandic: Ýsa

Icelandic Fish Partners


Also know as:

  • Latin: Sebastes marinus

  • French: Grand sébaste

  • German: Rotbarch

  • Icelandic: Karfi

Icelandic Fish Partners


Also know as:

  • Latin: Pollachius virens

  • French: Colin

  • German: Seelachs

  • Icelandic: Ufsi

Icelandic Fish Partners


Also know as:

  • Latin: Anarhichas lupus

  • French: Loup de l’Atlantique

  • German: Steinbeisser

  • Icelandic: Steinbítur

Icelandic Fish Partners


Also know as:

  • Latin: Lohius Piscatorius

  • French: Baudroie commune

  • German: Seeteufel

  • Icelandic: Skötuselur

Icelandic Fish Partners


Also know as:

  • Latin: Hippoglossus hippoglossus

  • French: Flétan de l’Atlantique

  • German: Weiss Heilbut

  • Icelandic: Lúða

Icelandic Fish Partners


Also know as:

  • Latin: Pleuronectes platessa

  • French: Carrelet

  • German: Scholle

  • Icelandic: Rauðspretta

Icelandic Fish Partners

Lemmon Sole

Also know as:

  • Latin: Microstomus kitt

  • French: Limande-Sole

  • German: Rotzunge

  • Icelandic: Sólkoli

Icelandic Fish Partners

Blue Leng / Leng

Also know as:

  • Latin: Molva molva

  • French: Grande lingue

  • German: Leng / Bla Leng

  • Icelandic: Langa / Blálanga

Icelandic Fish Partners


Also know as:

  • Latin: Bromsme Brosme

  • French: Brosme

  • German: Lunb

  • Icelandic: Keila

Icelandic Fish Partners

Greenland Heilbut

Also know as:

  • Latin: Reinhardtius hippoglossoides

  • French: flétan du Groenland

  • German: Greenland heilbutt

  • Icelandic: Grálúða

Icelandic Fish Partners

Arctic Char

  • Latin: Salvelinus alpinus

  • French: Omble arctique

  • German: Acrtic Sabling

  • Icelandic: Bleikja

Icelandic Fish Partners

Arctic Salmon

Also know as:

  • Latin: Salmo salar

  • French: Saumon

  • German: Lachs

  • Icelandic: Lax

Icelandic Fish Partners


Also know as:

  • Latin: Echinoidea

  • French: écinides, oursins

  • German: Seeigel

  • Icelandic: Ígulker

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